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Indian T20 League: A League Like No Other In World Cricket 

Cricket has definitely established itself as India's most popular sport, capturing huge public attention, as well as financial and infrastructure backing, while other sports languish to varied degrees due to a lack of support and following. 
The emergence of the Indian T20 League in 2007,  ushered in a new era of fantasy cricket leagues around the world, and it has since evolved into a platform for many to showcase their talents, more than it has helped fans to play fantasy cricket. Over the course of the league's 11 seasons, several top-class cricketers from across the world have played for local clubs, and many local Indian prospects have been found. As one of the most prominent cricket leagues in the world, this League attracts a large number of bettors. 
Indian T20 League was the first T20 event to use the concept of player auctions and franchise-based ownerships; there is currently a slew of T20 leagues experimenting with similar concept. Despite the fact that these leagues are based on the same concepts as ours, India's cricketing carnival is far superior and distinct. 
Henceforth, here are the reasons why Indian T20 League outplays other leagues: 
One stage for all International Players 
A die-hard cricket fanatic will have idols from all around the world, and seeing all of them in one place is always a dream come true. This League attracts players from all around the world, from David Warner to Steve Smith, Chris Gayle to Shakib al Hassan. These worldwide stars are the show-stoppers, and each franchisee makes sure to have a large pool of them. 
Presence of Iconic Players 
The notion of "Icon players" was introduced, which added a new level of loyalty. Icon players include Indian giants such as Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, MS Dhoni, Virender Sehwag, Sourav Ganguly and Yuvraj Singh. So, even if one did not live in one of the locations belonging to a team, he or she would support a team with the aforementioned legendary players. 
Better Playing Period 
The time of year in which fantasy cricket is played has been one of the most crucial times in terms of international cricket, as no other championship schedules at that time. Other significant T20 leagues, such as Australia, Pakistan and the Caribbean’s T20 League coincide with other important international cricket fixtures, which is why the elites don't participate.  
High-quality leagues, including Australia’s T20 League and Pakistan’s T20 League, takes place when cricket is at its most popular in the southern hemisphere. International teams such as Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand schedule their home international matches around that time, preventing their frontline players from fully participating in such leagues. This is why April and May is such a brilliant scheduling move; the games are played in the second half of the day during the hottest, driest months of the year, and do not conflict with most countries' traditional cricketing seasons (barring England and WI). Therefore, as a result of its unique playing time period, it attracts an exclusive global audience. 
The Indian T20 League season instils in us all a sense of optimism and is the true factor that keeps everyone's summer entertained and engaged. In a nutshell, this League created the perfect storm and became a league like no other in world cricket. 

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